Mission Statement 


The movement aspires to fill a void in a political spectrum that is too polarised by partisan clashes. There is a segment of the population that does not feel represented by the parties that exist today, nor do they adhere to their tribal understanding of political activism. This segment will continue to grow as new generations get more and more involved in politics.


Together Gibraltar is the product of a widespread clamour for political change in Gibraltar, designed to provide a platform for grass roots activism and open, constructive debate on the things that really matter to Gibraltarians. We believe that the existing political polarisation fragments and weakens a society that prides itself on its values of tolerance and friendly cohabitation, and whose prosperity and integrity depend on its ability to stand united.


We have been listening attentively to the many political movements that have reinvigorated politics in the UK, France, Spain and the United States, among others. Despite the many differences between them, they all have something in common: a desire to to breach the divide between the stagnant, political elite and a disenfranchised electorate. We feel that Gibraltar is not alien to this reality. It is therefore paramount that we place grass roots participation at the centre of our ideology, if we do not want the divide to grow bigger and more volatile. We also believe that anachronistic, hard line ideological postures are no longer productive in the 21st century. Gibraltar requires an approach to ideology that transcends traditional political boundaries, with politicians that are democratic, open minded and pragmatic. We believe politicians should listen to the people they represent and aspire to solve their problems, not create new ones.