Gibraltar’s spectacular setting makes it an extremely attractive tourist destination. It has a geography brimming with history, culture, breath-taking views and a wealth of untapped potential. Tourism is one of the pillars of our economy and one that, with the right strategy and marketing, has vast potential for growth. Well managed, our tourism industry can provide a solid and sustainable economic pillar for present and future generations.

We believe that the key to developing an even more powerful and unique Gibraltar tourism experience is to improve the links between our rich heritage and our stunning natural environment. This will also help us tell the world the story of Gibraltar and its people, and better convey our culture, traditions and identity to a global audience.

We need to reinvigorate Gibraltar’s tourism product so that it contributes more to our economy, providing quality jobs that can attract young professionals and future generations to work in the sector, and create a unique experience that visitors will be eager to share with the world.  

Strategy Report 

Together Gibraltar will undertake a strategic review in consultation with stakeholders and the public. International organisations like The Tourism Society and UN World Tourism Organisation will also be consulted. This will provide invaluable insight into current global trends and business opportunities with which to devise our tourism strategy. 

Entry and Orientation

Entry points should be the introduction to the Gibraltar experience but are not well maintained. Visitors need to feel better informed and better oriented when they arrive in Gibraltar. First impressions really do count.

Together Gibraltar will:

  • Make widely available clear information about products and services that visitors can enjoy.

  • Improve the infrastructure and traffic flow at Gibraltar’s entry points to the highest standards so that arrival and movement into Gibraltar becomes a pleasant, exciting, positive experience for the visitor.

  • Create three additional visitor centres to act as steppingstones directing traffic to a more diverse tourist offering as well as act as refreshment stations and rest stops.

  • Devils Gap Battery - entry point for visitors on foot to the upper rock area.

  • Royal Anglian Way – This location will support our innovative eco resort (see below, Heritage) as well the new adventure sports facility that will be on offer around the area.

  • Apes’ Den- information/orientation centre as well as a resource for scientific study of primates.


Access for persons with mobility difficulties is limited and needs to be better addressed. Mobility issues should be fully catered for.

Marketing Improvements

The current branding and online marketing of tourism are not of sufficient quality to attract greater numbers of tourists. The “Visit Gibraltar” tagline is stagnant, and our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube platforms are under-utilised and lacking direction.

The impact of our marketing efforts is also limited by poor merchandising and branding support. 

Together Gibraltar will:

  • Revamp our tourism branding, and offer a more modern, attractive and easy to use online interface.

  • Place greater focus on online promotion in order to make the most of new modalities available to promote our tourist product.

  • Offer a lifetime membership to visitors at our Historical Associations to increase visitor loyalty and encourage return visits, with regular updates on changes and new services.

Upgrade Assets

Some of our Tourist assets are outdated, poorly maintained and do not provide value for money.

Together Gibraltar will:

  • Ensure all our tourism assets are regularly maintained.

  • Introduce actionable feedback systems to gauge the visitor experience and thereby improve standard so that every visitor enjoys their experience of Gibraltar to the full. This will help us gain good references, referrals and repeat visits.

Public Transport 

Our public transport system needs to be improved and diversified, taking into account the needs of tourists. 

Together Gibraltar will:

  • Introduce a Travel Card for tourists to use for a hop-on hop-off bus service.

  • Work closely with the Gibraltar Taxi Association in order to enhance our current taxi offering, improve the quality of the service and seek ways to reduce environmental impact.


Gibraltar’s heritage is carved into our landscape and is one of our key assets. The Gibraltar story is clearly one to be proud of, particularly our military history and links with the UK. We believe that not enough is done to promote this, and that there are a number of locations that could serve the tourism sector with improved exposure. Examples include: Princess Caroline’s Battery, Devil’s Gap Battery, the Northern Defences and part of the WW2 tunnels.

Together Gibraltar will: 

  • Refer to our commissioned Strategy Report and implement a gradual, well thought out increase in the use of such assets available to the public and the tourist visitor. This will enhance the overall offering and give the tourism sector the opportunity to attract repeat visitors: “Each time something new.”

  • Ensure that Tourism and Heritage are linked and that our Heritage is given the priority it deserves as both a cultural asset and an economic one.

  • Extend on our sleeping capacity in order to grow the sector.

  • Set up two fully sustainable and environmentally sensitive Eco Parks at Royal Anglian Way and Princes Caroline’s Battery.

Each park would be set up with scalable, environmentally friendly habitation units that can sleep up to six people each. The parks would offer visitors the unique experience of sleeping in the nature reserve, education about our habitat, wildlife and animal husbandry. A range of adventure sports would also be offered including abseil, bungee, climbing and zip.

Moorish Castle gardens

Service Culture and Training

Hospitality culture has not been sufficiently developed in Gibraltar. How our tourists are treated by every staff member of both the private and public sector will determine whether we create a viable long-term product.

Together Gibraltar will:

  • Enhance the role of the Tourist Board and work with our Education Department to ensure that this important sector receives quality training in a way that responds to our strategic needs.


Gastronomy has become an important part of the tourism market, and one that entices tourists with a higher spending power. In order to improve the standard of our gastronomic offering, competition should be encouraged and rewarded.

Together Gibraltar will:

  • Create an annual GIBRALTAR GASTRONOMIC COMPETITION, open to all local restaurants. Winners will be included in a list of recommended restaurants circulated in tourist offices and online.


Innovation in water activities, adventure sports and similar related products have not had the support they need to diversify our tourism product.

Together Gibraltar will:

  • Diversify the Gibraltar tourism industry and commit to a healthy support system in the form of grants, soft loans and assistance for innovative start-ups in this field.

  • Commit to building a cooperative culture within this and other economic sectors to ensure a longer-term commitment by all stakeholders involved.

Employment opportunities

Together Gibraltar will undertake a series of economic empowerment initiatives linked to the hospitality sector in order to attract Gibraltar’s young to work in the hospitality sector or in businesses providing goods and services for tourism.

Working together with the Department of Education, we will create opportunities for vocational training that will lead workers to become stakeholders in cooperatives that will be set up by the Government in partnership with the private sector.