Jackie Anderson

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I am Jackie Anderson, a proud Gibraltarian, a wife, mother, grandmother, business woman and writer. I am driven by a sense of urgency that Gibraltar deserves a government that listens to and engages all its people, that is open, transparent, accessible, and works to the principles of equality, social justice and integrity. 

My journey into politics began one winter in my late teens, when I volunteered to help in a soup kitchen in London. One man would come along every night, speak to no-one, eat in silence and leave again. One evening he didn’t turn up and I discovered he had been found dead in a doorway. Since then I have sought the eradication of social inequalities, which is what I believe led to this poor man’s death.

We should not underestimate the importance for social cohesion that everyone should have a decent home. So with Together Gibraltar, I will find a way to break the stranglehold that this so-called free market economy has on our housing system and change out-dated laws. I will make sure government steps in to provide low-cost rental housing and also to create a long term, sustainable strategy that ensures that we all can have decent homes. Above all, I will develop a system that is fair and supports those that have the least. 

To untangle the knots of the complex housing issues in Gibraltar, I offer in-depth understanding as well as the humility to seek to learn from the people who experience the real problems day after day. I have been a qualified, professional social housing manager in UK, a property manager in Gibraltar, and have experienced the many difficulties of finding a home for my family both in social housing as well as in the private sector. As a working woman, I believe I can add much-needed balance and insight to our government, and as a professional, I have the skills, experience and passion to find the right solutions for those in housing need in Gibraltar.

For over ten years I ran my own childcare and education business while raising a family of six children.  My passion for the rights of children, for supporting families of all shapes and sizes and for education was ignited during those years. As a proud working class Gibraltarian, I fully understand how vital a quality education is for an individual’s life chances, how important the right to a good education is for a successful society. 

I want to see that every child is valued for what and who they are and receives the best possible education, that all abilities are fostered. This means breaking down barriers and forging a new way forward; it means respecting and releasing the talent of our teachers; it means empowering every individual to make the most of their potential. Gibraltar can be a place of true lifelong learning.  I have the vision and determination to help achieve this and I ask for your vote, so that together, we can have a more equal, fairer Gibraltar.