The rate of construction in Gibraltar is out of control and is having a negative impact on our quality of life. Luxury housing is being built at an unprecedented rate, displacing the real needs of the wider community. The impact of this strategy on our environment and our health is simply not being discussed. All of this, while the maintenance of public infrastructure is neglected, and vast areas of the Upper Town remain derelict.  

Together Gibraltar will develop a coherent strategy for future development by delivering a Sustainable Development Plan that will form the basis for all permission granted to building works for years to come, placing the focus on quality of life, and on the real housing and infrastructure needs of the community.

We have a vision for a Gibraltar built around strengthening community bonds and creating social cohesion. A Gibraltar that focuses on health, wellbeing, and quality of life for every member of our community. 

Walkability and Community Spaces

Currently, Gibraltar is dirty, congested and largely geared towards vehicular transport, making areas unpleasant environment to walk around in. There is a lack of open space where people can congregate and relax. We will:

  • Landscape the concrete jungle that we have become accustomed to, making walking around Gibraltar a pleasure with a greater amount of urban green space than we have ever had. Together with our urban regeneration policies, we will ensure that residents and tourists alike will opt to complete their journeys by foot rather than private transport. People, not cars, will be at the centre of our plan. We will have a liveable environment that will lead to happy and healthy lives for all those who live in Gibraltar.

  • Establish community spaces with seating, outdoor cafes and markets will be combined with playgrounds to ensure our community is welcome to come together outdoors. Existing open spaces, such as our marinas, parks and beaches, will be protected and maintained.

For further information, see Environment and Transport.

Effective Land Management

In Gibraltar, land is clearly in short supply: We will:

  • Better control the rate and quality of construction by undertaking a review of the Development and Planning Commission (DPC). The existing structures of the DPC will be reviewed for effectiveness. Residents will be given a greater opportunity to contribute to the planning process; proposals will be made available for review by those most impacted, and proposals over a certain size would be subject to public consultation.

  • Make Gibraltar a green city, encouraging green buildings. Each construction will be considered on its environmental impact; carbon neutral buildings, vertical gardens and other measures will be prioritised ahead of those that do not take such measures.

  • Ensure that the limited resources available to us today (natural or otherwise) are managed in a way that they will be available for generations to come by ensuring the sustainable use of land.

  • Encourage the use of sustainable materials and adoption of renewable forms of energy generation.

  • Ensure that building works are consistent with the look and feel of the surrounding area, but flexible in space to encourage the retrofit of buildings

  • Improve air quality by encouraging green buildings, with tax incentives for those buildings that reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Apply innovative techniques in order to maximise space. This will be evident in our proposed underground 325 space parking located under Queens Park. With underground parking, recreation ground and open community space, Queens Park will further Gibraltar’s credentials as a Garden City.

Queens Park with 325 underground parking spaces.