Nicky Calamaro


I’ve always had a keen interest in politics and wanted to make a difference. Unfortunately growing up it seemed that the only way to do that was to join a law firm and climb the ranks of the existing parties. That, or just keep quiet.

Thankfully, I was able to find a home in Together Gibraltar and help build it into the party it is today.

I’ve been on the executive since the party was founded and in that time I’ve been lucky to engage with so many members of the community. Getting a real sense of just what Gibraltar needs to make sure that none of us are left behind because the interests of a few.

With this and my own background in finance, technology and project management I hope to bring skills and experience to represent you all in Parliament.

What I have been most proud of in all my roles has been making sure that every member of a team is able to contribute and that their input is really heard and taken into account.

In politics this should be even more important. It shouldn’t be about politicians dictating what they think is best. Politicians should have the humility to listen to experts, and to listen to the community in the matters that ultimately will affect them.

Listening is the easy part. What makes me so proud to represent Together Gibraltar is that we have the ability and ambition to learn from that feedback, turn it into action and provide the change Gibraltar needs.

I’ve been hard at work speaking to members of the community on the full range of issues turning their ideas and concerns into policies that can make Gibraltar a shining example to the world.

I want to make sure that young people have the right career advice and opportunities to make them the best candidates possible for quality jobs anywhere they go. This should go hand in hand with support for apprenticeships, vocational training or for starting a business.

Most of all I want to work towards making Gibraltar a place where everyone knows that they can really make a difference. Young people shouldn’t feel like they need to fall in line with party politics or go elsewhere if they want to make a change. I have been working hard on policies to provide incentives to attract more diverse businesses and that we train Gibraltarians to be the best possible candidates worldwide for the industries of our future. This way Gibraltar won’t be overly reliant on a small set of industries. In particular to move away from unsustainable industries like bunkering and tobacco towards a more innovative and green economy.

When businesses look at Gibraltar I don’t want them to just think of the tax advantages. I want them to know that we are a real centre of excellence, innovation, sustainability and world-class talent. They’ll see a community with a culture of excellence and the training to succeed.

Another area that has always been close to my heart is the public sector. The public and civil service is the heart that keeps Gibraltar functioning. Which is why I have been disappointed by reports of ministerial meddling, micromanagement, and of civil servants being disrespected at work.  

My commitment to Gibraltar is to create policies that drastically limit ministerial interference in the civil service and ensure civil servants are well equipped with the skills and empowered with the authority to manage Gibraltar’s services. Public servants can be assured that I will be striving every day to make the public sector a great place to work, where everyone feels rewarded and can truly make a difference. I have drafted these policies with representatives from the civil service and look forward to sharing them and getting more feedback from you.

I have also been hard at work on plans to make sure that there is adequate housing for all Gibraltarians. We all know space is at a premium in Gibraltar, so we need to have a much higher standard for what developers bring to the table. If they want to profit from Gibraltar then we’re going to make sure that they also invest in the local community, allocating affordable homes and building public spaces.

Lastly I have always strived to make sure that equality is at the centre of all of our policies and that no one should feel forgotten or left behind in Gibraltar.

We are a community that has always celebrated diversity and recognised the value in working together rather than causing division. That means Together Gibraltar will be ensuring legal protections for minorities and recognising that if we want to succeed, we need to empower everyone, not just provide favours to a select few.

In Parliament I will make sure that reproductive rights, indeed any human rights, are never put to referendum to score points.

I will ensure that pensionable ages are equalised and introduce greater options for paternity leave and childcare.

I look forward to working in a Government that celebrates our rich multicultural history here in Gibraltar. Ensuring that everyone is given equal opportunities to succeed regardless of their background and we can proudly point to our home as a place that shows just what we can achieve when we move forward together.

If you want someone who is going to work every day to develop policies that work for everyone, and really build a Gibraltar we can all be proud of, then I’m the candidate for you.