Together Gibraltar Calls On Government To Be Cohesive On Its Green Agenda


In the midst of a climate emergency and on International Environment Day, Together Gibraltar is

alarmed to learn of the progression of the plans of hundreds of parking spaces being built under the

comprehensive schools, not only an environmental, but a formidable security risk.

A far back as March last year, party leader Marlene Hassan Nahon asked questions in Parliament

about the safety of these parking spots underneath the schools, and was assured that “Government

is going to provide the most secure schools possible for our children”. We then press released again in

December last year highlighting the security risk with no good answer forthcoming from the


Constant building projected over the next few years leaves concerns about air, noise and marine

pollution and we have the added problem of the disposal of the contaminated pile of rubble on the

Eastside. Together Gibraltar requests, on the behalf of the people of Gibraltar, what exact measures

are being taken with regards to protecting our health and the steps being implemented due to the

Climate Emergency.

Further, we call on Government to explain the reasons for its lack of solar panelling and renewable

energy incentives that it promised to incorporate since 2011 on the housing estates they were going

to build, and then built without such incorporation.

It is ironic that while children are in Commonwealth park this morning for Environment Day, being

told to walk and take the bus to school to reduce traffic pollution, that at the same time Government

are forging ahead to not only build their schools on main highways, but to force them to breathe

polluted air by planning hundreds of parking’s under the schools. It is a misdemeanour that

Government are not leading on the climate emergency which is being emphasised by the children


Together Gibraltar pledges that when we get into Government we will not only put the safety and

security of the citizens of Gibraltar as our priority, we will lead on climate emergency matters for the

benefit of future generations.

Daniel Ghio