Victims of Crime Must be Engaged in Parole Process

We understand that a man convicted of sexual assault against a four-year-old has been released on parole and that this has happened without any consultation with the family of the victim. In a small place like Gibraltar, this sort of process can be very harrowing for the victim and their family.

There have been other high-profile incidents in the recent past, which have left victims of assault in a similar state of anxiety, while also left wondering if and when their attacker will be released from prison.

Similarly, the three Marrache brothers convicted of fraud were released on parole without any consultation with the many people who lost money as a result of the crimes they were convicted of.

In the UK there is a system for victims of crimes, to enable them to make submissions to the parole board when convicts are due to come up for parole hearings, which takes into account physical, emotional, mental and financial effects on them.

We believe that a similar system should be implemented in Gibraltar without delay.Together Gibraltar’s Justice sub-committee will be meeting over the next few days to come up with submissions for the Justice Minister on possible measures designed to engage and take into account victims of crime in our small community.

Together Gibraltar