Government must answer questions as to the safety of the new schools

Together Gibraltar questions the lack of health and safety standards currently being endured by teachers at the new Bayside and Westside school complexes. We have been receiving reports of teachers having to work in substandard conditions, suffering power shortages and occasional short circuits. This situation is creating a precarious environment for all involved, and raising serious concerns about the future safety of both children and staff.

Government is clearly using the completion of the schools as an electoral tool, trying to rush through campaign promises - potentially - at the expense of people’s safety. We have no option but to condemn this irresponsible conduct.

The Government’s lack of planning and judgment is currently only affecting our teachers, but if they continue with their grand plans to open the schools next week at any cost, it may go on to affect the safety of thousands of pupils as well.

We ask Government to confirm on what authority it has condoned teachers working in a building site and how it plans to ensure that they remain safe. We also ask Government to reconsider next week’s inauguration and to take the necessary time to complete the projects in a responsible manner, with the safety of staff and children as its top priority, regardless of electoral promises.

Together Gibraltar