Stop constructing on our quiet spaces and fix up the areas that need it instead

It is with great concern that Together Gibraltar acknowledge the outcry of objection from our community on the proposed building works at Queensway Quay Marina. Not only will this continue the trend of reckless overdevelopment in Gibraltar, it will lead to the destruction of sea life in the marina and result in disruption to residents for years to come. 

The iconic marina caters to residents and visitors alike, providing a peaceful haven from the seemingly endless construction elsewhere in Gibraltar. The development of multiple new buildings around the marina will decimate a site of important historical, residential and commercial significance to develop yet more luxury apartment buildings.

From an environmental perspective, the reclamation of the marina to construct the island hotel will have a negative impact on the sea bed, marine life, and cause disruption to sea currents in and around the marina. The large increase of suspended matter caused by the building works - and lack of current - will be detrimental to local habitats and biodiversity. The reclamation will likely require constant dredging, of what is left of the marina, so that boats can continue to access the area, as well as destroying any chance that sea life may have to begin to take hold once again. From an aesthetic, as well as a social needs perspective, Government should be motivating developers to focus on improving the state of our Upper Town and other areas in need of regeneration instead of destroying the few quiet and elegantly developed spaces we have left.

There are no notable benefits to the community stemming from such works. Together Gibraltar are concerned for the survival of local restaurants on the marina - which will undoubtedly struggle during the long period of development. The hotel will add to noise, air and light pollution to the surrounding areas, and ruin a heritage asset of cultural significance to all Gibraltarians. The cumulative impact of this work and the proposed Victoria Keys development need to be considered in tandem. With opposition to the development unanimous across residents and the wider community in Gibraltar, we ask that community consultation is considered and weighted highly when the DPC review this application. 

Together Gibraltar