Together Gibraltar Questions Integrity of Tender Process

In light of various representations confirming done deal prior to tender notice going out.

Following several representations from concerned constituents, Together Gibraltar is questioning Government’s integrity regarding the tender process and the DPC procedures.

Party Leader, Marlene Hassan Nahon said: “In the last couple of weeks, myself and other members of my executive have received concerning testimonies from residents around the vicinity of Catalan Bay, claiming that a good friend of a Government Minister is asking around whether individuals are interested in purchasing new apartments at the Catalan Bay parking site. Others, are reporting this individual saying that he is already ‘oversubscribed’ with demands for these apartments.”

Today’s Government tender advert in the Chronicle has fuelled the same people who have raised these concerns with us, to contact us again because they feel that in light of the ‘offers’ they were made to buy into this future development, the tender advert makes a mockery of what is supposed to be a fair and open procedure to obtain planning permission and so forth.

The Government can shrug off our concerns as rumourology all they want, but when several constituents have come forward already concerned with the “certainty” as they claim from the alleged individual, and following that, an advert appears in the Chronicle, they and the community in general have every right to be assured that the tender process is not just a front for a fait accompli and the supposed nepotism that this would indicate.

We therefore call on Government to provide this community with the comfort it deserves at this present moment on the integrity of the tender process and to assure us that friends and family of Government ministers who go about bragging and selling property in advance of any award being made to them, are in fact deluded.

Together Gibraltar