Together Gibraltar reacts to Commons Defeat on Withdrawal Deal

In light of the overwhelming result in the House of Commons this evening defeating Mrs. May’s deal, it is clear that for Gibraltar, the Government putting all its weight behind the Prime Minister and her failed project has been a knock-on failure for Gibraltar.

The question now is, how ready are we for the alternative scenarios that can transpire?

Tomorrow, we will learn whether a ‘no deal Brexit’ has been taken off the table. Despite the likelihood of this happening, how prepared is this Government for the possibility of a No Deal Brexit prevailing?

In December, for example, Together Party Leader, Marlene Hassan Nahon asked in Parliament a question in relation to checks on food products entering and leaving the EU. Ms Hassan Nahon asked: “La Linea does not have a border inspection point capable of issuing and reading health transit electronic paperwork…what steps have been taken to ensure we can effectively eat?”

To this question, the Chief Minister replied that this directive “is adopted under the Common Agricultural Policy” and that it was “not a policy that has applied to Gibraltar.” The Chief Minister continued by saying that this was a “zero issue going forward.”

Today, we find ourselves with no Border Inspection Points yet set up and with potentially days to a possible no deal Brexit. How much effective planning is taking place in order to ensure that what the Chief Minister claims to be “zero issues” do not instead become “massive issues”?

And similarly, how prepared is the Gibraltar Government for an extension to article 50 and what that may bring?

The people of Gibraltar deserve some genuine clarity as to the direction and preparation that government is taking on our collective behalf.

Together Gibraltar