Commission for the Environment

Marlene Hassan Nahon’s words on yesterday’s GBC Q&A broadcast, should not be interpreted as anything other than a total commitment to put the environment at the centre of Together Gibraltar’s political agenda.

We agree that environmental sustainability and fighting climate change SHOULD NOT be a partisan issue. In this battle, we win or lose together and must make firm commitments. Together Gibraltar will, whether in Government or in opposition, support ALL MEASURES aimed at improving our environment and stop climate change, regardless of the party behind them. Together Gibraltar will also, however, strongly oppose measures against the environmental agenda, and call out inaction and hypocrisy when it happens. That is why we believe climate change still IS a political issue. Depoliticising climate change means stripping the public of the power to influence political action with their vote, and we need public pressure on this issue to continue on ALL FRONTS.

As part of our manifesto, we commit to the creation of a COMMISSION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, with real power to implement a green agenda. The creation of a cross party platform on the Environment will allow us to effectively monitor the achievement of climate objectives. There is a need for an independent, executive body to oversee the actions of governments safeguarding its effect on future generations.

Together Gibraltar is the only party truly committed to the Environmental agenda. All our policies are run through an environmental filter and our commitments will transform Gibraltar and dramatically improve our quality of life and public health. We will also make serious commitments to the fight against Climate Change.

The commitment to create a Commission for the Environment involving a cross-party approach was made public by Craig Sacarello at our AGM this year and has been voted for in Parliament by the Hon Marlene Hassan Nahon. We will ensure that the fight to protect and respect our environment remains at the forefront of government decision making whether we are in power or in opposition.

Together Gibraltar