Jyske Bank's Announcement to Sell its Subsidiary Jyske (Gibraltar)

Jyske Bank (Gibraltar) has served Gibraltar for over 30 years, providing local businesses and personnel a safe, reliable place to bank. While the Government was proud to announce that the departure of Jyske Bank was of no surprise to them, the news was met with shock and disappointment from the bank’s employees and clients.

Together Gibraltar calls on the Government to honour its commitment to find a solution for both the employees and clients of the bank. To do this, the Government should prioritise regulatory approval for the successful prospective buyer should it be required; ensuring necessary due diligence is applied, but concurrently collaborating with both Jyske Bank and the buyer to ease the process.

Jyske Bank proudly employs 96 people in Gibraltar, and we hope that they will ensure the safe transition of its workforce to the future owner. Together Gibraltar calls on Government to ensure the employees are adequately represented during negotiations, and that their livelihoods and service are considered before a deal is reached.

Jyske Bank’s loss is indeed sad for Gibraltar, but we look forward to the future. A Together Gibraltar administration will work hard to both attract and retain global businesses, as well as nurture local private enterprise.

Together Gibraltar