Together Gibraltar Highlights Lack of Communication and Empathy on New Disabled Parking Bays Scheme

While it is refreshing and welcome news to hear that Government intends to introduce short-term disabled parking bays in busy town and leisure areas where parking is already such an issue in these zones, Together Gibraltar questions the Government’s lack of communication on a matter which is very sensitive to many, and has left users feeling baffled at the little information they received yesterday. This reality caused much grief and confusion on the day and evening of the launch of this incentive, until the Chief Minister had to resort to tweeting a few facts today for clarity.

Furthermore, in the case of some disabilities, three hours may not be long enough and it is an insult, on both an emotional and physical level to those who may need more time, to have to abide by such a time limit, without the option of some flexibility. Perhaps even looking to increase the time limit to six or nine hours would be of great relief to disabled badge users, as well as the idea of a hotline for users to call and extend their stay if need be.

We take this opportunity to call for more assistance for people with disabilities who do not own a vehicle. Buses are currently not as accessible as they should be for people with disabilities, and taxis need pre booking and cost £12.50 per trip with only two taxis equipped for this service and unavailable on weekends. And the existing care company who has been running a free bus service is set to terminate this facility by the end of year. A future transport plan for the disabled non-vehicle owner is necessary and would be very welcome.

Lastly, Together Gibraltar considers it of the utmost inelegance for a government ministry to be singling out relatives or guardians of individuals with disabilities and posting screenshots of their grievances on social media underneath its own narrative.

Together Gibraltar