Together Gibraltar is the product of a widespread clamour for political change in Gibraltar, designed to provide a platform for grass roots activism and open, constructive debate on the things that really matter to Gibraltarians. We believe that the existing political polarisation fragments and weakens a society that prides itself on its values of tolerance and friendly cohabitation, and whose prosperity and integrity depend on its ability to stand united.


The movement aspires to fill a void in a political spectrum that is too polarised by partisan clashes. There is a segment of the population that does not feel represented by the parties that exist today, nor do they adhere to their tribal understanding of political activism. This segment will continue to grow as new generations get more and more involved in politics.


We have been listening attentively to the many political movements that have reinvigorated politics in the UK, France, Spain and the United States, among others. Despite the many differences between them, they all have something in common: a desire to to breach the divide between the stagnant, political elite and a disenfranchised electorate. We feel that Gibraltar is not alien to this reality. It is therefore paramount that we place grass roots participation at the centre of our ideology, if we do not want the divide to grow bigger and more volatile. We also believe that anachronistic, hard line ideological postures are no longer productive in the 21st century. Gibraltar requires an approach to ideology that transcends traditional political boundaries, with politicians that are democratic, open minded and pragmatic. We believe politicians should listen to the people they represent and aspire to solve their problems, not create new ones.


This is a movement by the people, for the people. It´s values and policies will therefore reflect the wills and desires of those who wish to make a stand and contribute to the betterment of our community. However, there are a set of core values which will permeate all the work that we do:



We believe in this community. We have been overwhelmed with input from talented, well prepared members of our community who are trying to contribute to solve the problems and challenges we face, but who find their ideas marginalised by the failings of the existing political framework. If your political allegiances happen to be the wrong ones, you are shunned. If “the other party” implemented similar policies in the past, they are ignored.

When politicians play to score points against each other, we all lose.

- Unity

Gibraltar is an unrestricted, dynamic and modern democracy, and this is an achievement by our forefathers that we must protect and cherish. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. We believe there are aspects of our democracy that should be fine tuned in order to adequately serve the best interests of the Gibraltarians. We cannot allow division to continue to hinder the proper functioning of this community. There are painfully obvious and necessary reforms which are not being executed due to partisan agendas, issues of state that should be tackled from a unified, cross-party front. This unified front should have two simple elements in it´s agenda: creating social cohesion and looking out for the well being of the people of Gibraltar.


We consider that the most important work of a politician in a nation with the circumstances of Gibraltar is to listen and transmit the wishes of its citizens. Fortunately, because of our size and resources, we have the right conditions for this. We believe in participation and direct democracy. As a movement we will generate a constant, open and horizontal debate, and we will encourage the grassroots to make the most important decisions. We want to update Gibraltar’s democratic makeup – it is not right that every 4 years we merely vote for a government with a guaranteed majority on each bill and motion, virtually providing for an autocratic as opposed to fully democratic system.


Corruption and transparency cannot be an issue of faith. We cannot expect politicians to break away from long-standing, corrupt practices on good will alone. Politicians not only lie, but they often find themselves unable to correct vices in the system for fear of consequences or electoral costs. This equation is easy to solve, and has been solved by many countries in the world. The cleanest and most transparent Governance happens in the countries that have put clean and transparent systems in place. As a political movement, we will strive for legislation that ensures the fairness and transparency of our political system, so we no longer have to rely on promises and good faith. We will embrace this ethos in the running of our organization by accepting ONLY anonymous donations to fund our political activity, keeping us free from pressures from lobbies and interest groups.


The Gibraltar Together Movement is a platform for unity. We have organised as a collective in order to give a new voice for change at a grassroots and political level. We are broader than a political party – we are a space for ideas where citizens can engage and play an active part in the future of Gibraltar’s politics. This is a movement for the 21st century that will aim to be the beginnings of a unified roadmap for Gibraltar. Inspired by the values of openness and inclusivity, we want to welcome members of the public to participate in constructive discussion that is egalitarian, progressive and transparent. We perceive a political stagnation under the two major parties due to the antagonism between them. Motivated by the politics of hope, we can challenge this while decreasing the gap that separates politicians and their citizens.

Together means zero tolerance to socio-cultural intolerance and socio-economic injustice. We want to challenge the inequality that cronyism creates and stand firm against views from a bygone era that hold members of our community back. A movement free from racial, cultural, gender-based or class-based prejudice and bias. Due to several elements in play on the global political stage, the language and direction of politics has taken a worrying turn in some cases. Take, for instance, Trump’s America – where the President fails to condemn a fascism that considers itself a growing force thanks to Trump’s residency at the White House. While such a regretful state of affairs has not reached Gibraltar, and hopefully never will, we will provide an anti-fascist voice and show that Gibraltar’s civil rights can be on an upward curve and not a free-fall decline.


As a civil platform our aim is to make a tangible, positive contribution to this community. We will achieve this not only by disseminating and advancing our core values, but also by generating constructive input that can be of use to both our political representatives and the community at large. As part of our activity, we will investigate and isolate the most pressing issues affecting Gibraltar today, and will organise periodic debates aimed at channelling the ideas and proposals of members of the community on how to tackle these issues. Experts, together with independent citizens, will be able to exchange ideas freely and cooperatively, without fear of judgement or reprisal. Out of these policy meetings shall emerge a document which will be made public through the movement´s media channels, and will be brought to the Gibraltar parliament for discussion by the independent MP and founder of the movement, Marlene Hassan-Nahon. This will ensure that the voices of our members and their ideas are heard by the ruling class as well as the general public.

We believe that the Movement can provide the environment where concerns are exchanged freely, as opposed to the mentality of a party where scope for dialogue may be more limited. At this stage it must be made clear that Together Gibraltar is NOT A POLITICAL PARTY. We believe in the need to redefine the idea of political parties as an instrument of representation, not as a platform for messianic, personal ambitions. We will follow this democratic path very strictly, wherever it may take us. Therefore, should the Movement itself desire to evolve into a political party, together we can build a case to offer a real alternative to the electorate on the way politics is done in Gibraltar.

Whether you’re concerned with nepotism, Brexit and economic stability, our health system, pollution, or any of the issues facing Gibraltar today – Together we can shape our solutions. 

If you are not satisfied with the way politicians go about their business and feel you can contribute to the betterment of this community, come and join us in the revolutionary act of building a new movement for Gibraltar. There is so much we can do if we work together!