New Political Movement “Together Gibraltar” Launched


A new political movement which aims to serve as a platform for non-partisan debate and provide a fresh, progressive voice in civic society was launched today.

“Together Gibraltar”, founded by Independent MP Marlene Hassan Nahon, does not style itself as a political party but as a group that places “grassroots participation” at the core of its ideology. However, Ms Hassan Nahon added that the movement could in future evolve into a political party and contest an election if members decide that this is desirable and necessary to further its aims.

Ms Hassan Nahon said Gibraltar’s political landscape was extremely polarised with a political class that was increasingly out of touch with a disenfranchised electorate.

She said “Together Gibraltar” was “a colourful breath of fresh air in a political environment dominated by a grey-suited barristocracy.”

Ms Hassan Nahon stressed that, although she was a founder, she was not the movement’s leader.

“I will be yet another member of the movement – a founder but an equal and I will use my position as an MP to take the best initiatives that emerge from it to Parliament,” she said.

The group’s core values are unity, participation, transparency, democracy and progressivism.

Together Gibraltar’s first public meeting will take place on the 6th November – the topic will be the environment.

Marlene Hassan Nahon