John Montegriffo

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Policy areas:

Social Services
Drugs Policy

We are living in a time where trust in the political institutions that underpin our way of life is at an all time low. The end result of this is that a wave of populism and the cult of personality is sweeping across our community and is squeezing out reason and common sense from the political narrative. I simply could not stand idly and be a passive observer, while politics becomes increasingly divisive, even alienating close friends and families. The centre ground that forges consensus and progress is being lost, even in here in our community. 

However, the most worrying consequence of all this is that you, the person reading this, are probably feeling disconnected, disempowered and distrustful of politicians. This is a sad state of affairs. Sad because in my 35 year career in social care I have worked with some inspiring individuals across all shades of the political spectrum who have been incredibly committed to our community. We desperately need to challenge the growing perception, whether true or false, that politics is a corrupt, opaque and elitist business.

Together Gibraltar has been born out of a groundswell of individuals who, like myself, are dissatisfied in the direction Gibraltar politics is taking. When I attended my first Together Gibraltar meeting I met a dynamic group of persons with integrity, enthusiasm and the ideas for an even better Gibraltar that includes all and works for all. 

In our 10 candidates we have a formidable wealth of experience, commitment and individuals who represent the best of what Gibraltar can offer. I daresay that it is the ONLY political option that is truly representative and inclusive of all sectors of our community. Importantly, I am impressed how our party has gained so much support in such a short time, clearly people are clamouring out for a different way of conducting politics in Gibraltar.

Some are trying to unfairly brand us as irresponsible, inexperienced hotheads bent on destroying our society. I resent this. This could not be further from the truth.  If anything we espouse what makes Gibraltar such a unique place, with its rich and diverse history, where peoples from many parts of the world to this day choose to make it their home. Gibraltar has always been a diverse, caring and inclusive community, and we intend to build upon this. The breadth and depth of our candidates speaks for itself.

I am extremely proud of our country that has consistently punched above its weight thanks to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of its people. How many cities of 30,000 can boast about this? Together Gibraltar intends to tap into this.

After all, what matters are not eloquent speeches, scoring political points, grand projects and smart sound bites but that the ordinary voter feels part of a system where their dreams, hopes and aspirations are truly represented and where they can truly be part of the change Gibraltar is demanding.