Gibraltar’s history is carved into its buildings and the very fabric of the Rock. Our heritage is something of great value that is to be preserved and celebrated. To date, heritage has often been marginalised in pursuance of profit. Together Gibraltar will change this approach. We will both respect and take advantage of our wonderful heritage:

  • We are committed to having no ministerial representation at the DPC. 

  • We will introduce secret balloting at the DPC to avoid accusations of conflict of interests.

  • We will reform the Appeals Board process to facilitate fair decision making.

  • We will carry out an extensive review of our listed buildings, working with stakeholders to ensure that our finest buildings get the care and attention they deserve. Rate caps and tax incentives are two of the resources that will be used to achieve our aims.

  • We will continue to support the Heritage Trust with an annual grant and give it greater independence to make its voice heard.

  • ·We will implement a series of grants for the University of Gibraltar to promote Gibraltar’s heritage and to develop research in and about Gibraltar.

  • Make the Northern Defences a major part of our Tourism product. 

  • We will build a Maritime and Military Museum that will attract important tourism the world over.  

Together Gibraltar will give our Heritage the prominence it deserves. and create a maintenance fund to ensure all sites will be maintained to the highest standards. Heritage will play an increasingly important role in the whole Tourism product. Our policies will ensure that a Tourist never leaves Gibraltar without knowing something of our rich and beautiful heritage.

Tarik Passage garden