There is no contradiction in a Gibraltar that is British, European, and Mediterranean. We want our foreign relations to reflect an outward looking and global community. Our society has grown past colonialism and fought for its democratic rights and self-determination. Gibraltar’s attitude on the international stage must do justice to our identity and history, not playing to old perceptions of an imperial past. These are the broad principles we will apply to our foreign policy and international relations efforts.

  • Our British sovereignty is non-negotiable. However, the political consensus over Gibraltar’s British sovereignty should never be taken for granted. We will endorse a united front on the issues of sovereignty and self-determination.

  • Together Gibraltar believes that Brexit has no mandate inside of Gibraltar and is contrary to the wishes of the 96 percent who voted in favour of remaining in the European Union.

  • Aside from the injustice of overturning such a resounding majority without consulting the people of Gibraltar now that Brexit has been defined, Together Gibraltar believes that it is clear that there is no such thing as a Brexit deal that does not cause extremely negative consequences for Gibraltar and our British family.

  • We are deeply opposed to crashing out with a no-deal Brexit. While we appreciate the advances in lobbying in Westminster, some ‘supporters’ of Gibraltar are actively promoting a Brexit that they should know we are firmly against and stand a lot to lose from.

  • We will not stand for inviting political figures to Gibraltar on National Day and similar events who have displayed a track record of xenophobia, homophobia and racism.

  • We will prioritise communication and cooperation with MPs that oppose no-deal and those who support our people’s stance on Brexit. These MPs in Westminster come from almost all parties. Targeted lobbying as the most Remain constituency in the entire referendum vote will garner us more support and more defenders in the Commons.

  • We believe the Chief Minister was right to move his position to Revoke, Referendum, and Remain. We believe that a People’s Vote is necessary to break the Brexit impasse, but also the only fair route given that we now have a clearer idea of what Brexit would actually mean. We would welcome a People’s Vote and then campaign to remain in the EU. We will work closely with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Gibraltar and any pro-Remain allies in Westminster in campaigning to these ends.

  • A constituency the size of almost half of our population crosses the border each day to work in Gibraltar. We will explore further cultural exchange and regional cooperation in southern Spain, Morocco and Portugal. The flourishing of neighbouring areas will help Gibraltar in terms of the tourism economy and cultural value.

  • Brexit is a threat to workers’ rights, including cross-border workers. We will support cross-border unions and associations that are fighting for security, clarity, and fair conditions for their members.

  • We are proud of the initiatives taken to promote symbiotic relationships with chambers of commerce and other entities around the world. We will encourage a continuation of bi-national relationships that already exist, which includes the work in the United States House of Representatives with the resolution to back Gibraltar’s right to self-determination.

  • We will not conduct our foreign policy on a whim, nor will we change our position as a party on key crises such as Brexit. We will contrast ego-driven and ad hoc management of foreign relations with a measured and consultative approach.

  • Our finest hour as a people was arguably the 1967 Referendum where we denied Franco’s fascist regime in Spain and declared ourselves democratically as British Gibraltarians. On the most fundamental decisions of foreign policy, we will consult the broader community as previous Gibraltarian governments have in the past.

  • The challenges of climate change transcend national boundaries. Toxic air and plastic pollution travel through frontiers and jurisdictions regardless of national agendas, jeopardising the future of the entire planet. We must set aside our differences and work together with our European and North African neighbours to achieve our objectives of environmental sustainability and tackle the pollution problem that afflicts our region.