Financial services and gaming

The contribution to the economy from the regulated financial services and gaming sectors is significant. However, not all areas within these sectors are growing. In some cases, they are stagnant or in decline.

These sectors are particularly vulnerable to Brexit outcomes and to economic conditions and competition in and from the UK. Marketing of Gibraltar as a sound and well-regulated international financial centre has been haphazard, of limited success and relies too heavily on the efforts of a small group of professional services firms.

We will introduce new measures to enhance Gibraltar’s reputation as a well-regulated jurisdiction. We will also implement results-oriented marketing programs to effectively communicate the Gibraltar proposition in the regulated sectors. We will initiate programs to bring innovative products, incentivise investment in regulated firms, and encourage rapid development of the skills needed to support growth in these sectors. In all, we will allocate an additional £10m to restoring the strength of the regulated financial services and gaming sectors and to further fuel their continued growth.