Craig Sacarello

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Policy areas:

Environment & Energy
Animal Welfare

I joined Together Gibraltar because of a vision for a new style of politics in Gibraltar. One which is not about individual egos but about the community.  One which is not about short term vote-winning decisions but a considered, sustainable approach.  One where politicians can be trusted because government systems champion transparency and their expenditure is so rigorously checked. A fairer system which affords opportunities for all; based on the merit of the individual not on the connections she or he may have.  A collaborative politics where stakeholders are listened to and we work together towards the common good.

To help achieve this vision, I have been given three key portfolios to look after:

I dream of a sustainable Gibraltar which invests in delivering a cleaner and brighter more prosperous future for our children.  This principle of sustainability will underpin every decision we make.  Acting responsibly in focusing on Public Health, in making decisions for the long-term benefit of Gibraltar and its environment will ensure that we enjoy a healthier life and are able to hand over a better Gibraltar to our children.

Our environment requires solid investment, just like our economy.  Apart from our global responsibility, we also deserve to be treating our own community and our surroundings with respect. 

Under the current stewardship, we have reached a tipping point where our mental and physical health is suffering in the name of progress.

Why should our health be put at risk from the harming effects of air pollution? Why should the community suffer from a range of health and stress-related issues so a few people can make some profit?  There has to be a balance between the benefit of a few and the general well-being of the rest of us. We have a plan for this.

Tackling this requires bold decisions embraced the entire governing party and held to account by an independent “Commission for the Environment” which we are proposing.  This would require significant expenditure not seen in any previous budget, but we pledge to seek real value for money for the taxpayer and would see the emergence of a Green Economy.

Sport is at the heart of our social fabric; it is a forum where our entire society can participate and socialise, where we all abide by the same rules to compete and strengthen our bonds.  Sport has always played an important role in my life and I am excited about optimising our athletes’ potential and about opening up sporting opportunities to everyone via our “Sports4all” programme.

I am never prouder of our community than when seeing how much good we are capable of doing, how we strive to help others feel better.  This is human nature at its best and it is what makes us happy.

My experience of voluntary work within the community has exposed me to some wonderful people and to the brighter side of human nature.  As Chairman for Research into Childhood Cancer (RICC), I have seen great acts of kindness and felt real sympathy and empathy in our community.

My work with the Young Enterprise scheme helping students learn how to run a business and in coaching rugby to young children has shown me how much potential lies in our youth.  We need to tap in to and unleash their potential.

It would be a privilege to serve Gibraltar.  We would breathe fresh air into local politics and deliver a much-needed progressive, caring and trustworthy governance to Gibraltar.