Core Values


Our history as a civil society movement will continue to define our party going forward. We will encourage grass roots participation and continue developing close ties with the community.  


We believe democracy is more than placing a vote every four years. We want members to vote on the party’s important decisions, and, once in government, will create mechanisms and channels of communication to facilitate a closer social dialogue.


Gibraltar requires politicians that are constructive, open minded and pragmatic, that listen to the people they represent and aspire to solve their problems, instead of creating new ones. We cannot allow division to continue to hinder the proper functioning of this community. There are urgent reforms which are not being executed due to partisan agendas; issues of state that should be tackled from a unified, cross- party front. We will try to build consensus with all political forces to tackle these issues.


Our party stands for zero tolerance to socio-cultural intolerance, free from racial, cultural, gender-based or class-based prejudice and bias. We will continue to fight for equality like we have as civic platform, standing firm against views from a bygone that have been holding members of our community back. Together Gibraltar will finally provide a truly progressive political option that will enfranchise our youth and show that Gibraltar’s civil rights are on an upward curve.

The creation of this party does not mean an end to grass roots participation and people power. We still want your energy, your ideas and your support. In fact, we need it more than ever. Without you, without the participation and support of all those who agree in this style of politics, there can be no meaningful change. Together Gibraltar is still your home, but we now aspire to make it a home for all of those who believe in a better Gibraltar.


The Together Gibraltar Party aspires to better represent the diversity of our community through inclusion and outreach. Together we can build an inclusive democracy that represents we the people, not just the wealthy special interests; in which people of all walks of life, professional backgrounds, gender, race, class, sexual orientation etc. can be inspired to run for office and provide their insight and talents.


Corruption and transparency cannot be an issue of faith. We cannot expect politicians to break away from long-standing, corrupt practices on good will alone, from within a political ecosystem that is a corrupting force. We will strive for legislation that guarantees the fairness and transparency of our political system so we no longer have to rely on promises and good faith.