Joseph Capurro


My name is Joseph Capurro; I was born in Gibraltar and I am very fortunate to have wonderful parents. We lived in a very modest apartment above the Post Office Sorting Office in Irish Town. I remember we had an outside toilet and no bathroom. My Father Joe, worked in the Income Tax office and my Mother Carmen, was a primary school teacher. I have a Sister, (Suzanne) who now lives with her family in the U.K.

I have many happy memories as a child. Our family would meet up at my Grandparents’ apartment every Friday evening and we enjoyed, music and food together. We spent our long summers at Eastern Beach and during winter, we would go exploring up the Rock and pick Rock Lillies, go to The Lighthouse to ride our bicycles and play in Alameda Gardens.

I grew up in Schomberg Estate. I was always out playing with my friends and went fishing with my Grandfather. I dreamt of travelling the world and experiencing life outside The Rock, particularly during the closed Frontier period. My parents used to take us to London on holiday.

I made many friends at both the Christian Brothers’ Preparatory School and Bayside Boys’ Comprehensive, where I developed a sense of social justice, and it has stood the test of time.

I joined the Gibraltar Police Force and was awarded Best Academic Recruit. I served as a Police Officer for six years. I really learned a lot about society as a Police Officer, in dealing with all aspects of life.

I decided to move to Glasgow for a change of lifestyle, and worked as a Freelance Simultaneous Technical Interpreter for the Oil & Gas Industry in the Sahara Desert. I have language skills in Spanish, French and Italian. 

I later met my lovely Wife, Roseann, in 1986 and decided to join the British Army. I served a year in the Royal Military Police, learning new skills in discipline and endurance.

I moved back to Glasgow and joined a large Firm of Sheriff Officers and Messengers-at-Arms (the sole professional body in Scotland that deals with all aspects of citation and diligence in Civil Law). I worked and studied civil law for five years, and also learned computing, administration and management skills. The Firm specialised in mass civil-law enforcement, collecting and enforcing Council Tax, Rates and Income Tax. As the Firm’s General Manager I was managing a staff of 50. Roseann and I had already started a family and had two children by then.

I left after 14 years, as I decided to start my own business in the same profession, and dealt with many challenging and complex matters, in a very competitive business world.

I spent several years in the Executive of my profession’s Professional Society, both as a Deputy President and Vice President; I represented my profession in Europe several times. I was also involved with a consultation group, advising the Scottish Parliament on Civil Law Procedures and Enforcement.

During my time at the forefront of civil law enforcement, I regularly came across many social issues. I learned at first hand, how important it is to have efficient and well-resourced social services, to act as a safety net, to help those who fall through the cracks in society. How good counselling and mediation services help families at the brink of despair; How Credit Unions can help less fortunate people borrow money.

After having been in business for 13 years, as my parents were getting older and as I always wanted to return to live in Gibraltar, my Wife and I, decided to sell our private and business interests and return to Gibraltar, having gained a wealth of experience and knowledge.

I currently work as an Administrator in the Financial Services Sector in Gibraltar and I am also a Trustee for two local charities where integrity is of the utmost importance. I am also a Volunteer for St John Ambulance, Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is riddled by social injustice and unfairness. Many suffer from a sense of helplessness and marginalisation, not feeling part of the so-called financial success story and not being truly represented by our Government.

Our ever-mounting reported public debt now stands at over £500 million pounds. This is unsustainable and will be a huge burden for our future generations to come. I have the knowledge and experience in dealing with public debt collection and enforcement. We need to carry out a study and change laws to improve and expedite public debt collection.

I like you, want to breathe clean air, go to well maintained public places, live in a place that looks after the less fortunate, that properly takes care of its senior citizens and infirm, where its youth can aspire to learn and get meaningful employment.

I would love tourists and visitors who come here for the first time, to leave with a great story to tell back home.

We have too many vehicles on our roads, too much noise and pollution as a result, and Gibraltar is smelly and dirty again.

I have an overwhelming sense of responsibility and sense of public duty, to work for Gibraltar and I believe that my destiny is aligned with building a better and more accountable Gibraltar.

I strongly believe in fairness, public accountability and transparency, and I believe that political servitude should be the essence of a good politician.

I have always had an interest in debating and politics, and a passion for correctness and self-improvement. My hard work ethic and excellent business and managerial skills, have earned me a reputation as a dependable professional.

My ambition in politics became a potential reality when I met Marlene Hassan Nahon at the start of the Together Gibraltar Movement. I have been in the Executive of the Party since it formed, having taken on the responsibility of being the Party Treasurer. I hope that you will vote for me to represent Together Gibraltar as a Candidate, at the next General Election.